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Samshvilde 2019. Project development

Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition of the University of Georgia is conducting 6th archaeological field campaign in  Samshvilde.

Along Georgian students, the group of MA students of Shiraz University (Iran) are also participating in the field works.

The expedition is led by Prof. David Berikashvili (the University of Georgia), while the group of the students of Shiraz University are trained by Prof. Alireza Askari Chaverdi. It is notable, that prof. Aliereza Askari Chaverdi is the director of Persepolis and Firuzabad Archaeological Projects more than 10 years.

It is firs time, that Georgian Students from the University of Georgia are invited to participate in Persepolis and Firuzabad projects in October, 2019.

Present collaboration is supported by the University of Georgia, The Shiraz University and the International Archaeological Center.