Summer School

Samshvilide Summer School in Archaeology 2024. Registration opened.

Registration for Samshvilde Summer School 2024 is now open.

This year the school will host participants in two groups.

The dates for first group - July 1st to July 10th, 2024; 

The dates for second group - July 15th to July 25th, 2024.

Program duration  10 days for each group.


Working language Georgian and English.

The participant must send filled up registration form (find below) to:  until June 10th, 2024.



   Samshvilde Summer School is  intensive  program in archaeological  and Bioarchaeological practice. Trainees will have the unique opportunity to participate in excavations at Samshvilde’s royal medieval citadel (11th13th cent. AD) and Sioni ‘cemetery’. In this course, trainees will learn a variety of methodological skills and gain hands-on experience necessary for becoming a professional archaeologist. The objective for this course is to give trainees a wide variety of basic knowledge about archaeological practice. Because we consider field experience to be essential we will focus on hands-on tasks that can only be learned while on the field. 

    Training includes:

1) Field work. You will learn archaeological  context excavation methodology, field data recording techniques, elevation measure taking and finds collecting. Additionally, you will receive a safety training about on-site procedures.

2) Post-excavation finds processing. You will learn how to efficiently clean, describe, record, draw, photograph, conserve, and archive finds. There is a wide range of artifacts at Samshvilde, including (but not limited to) ceramic and glass vessels, ceramic building material (CBM), coins, gemstones, metal artifacts, human and animal bones.

3) Seminars. These will be mainly to teach trainees about South Caucasus’ history and archaeology, but will also be held in various related topics (to be determined). 


   At the end of this course, trainees are expected to be proficient in:

• Archaeological  context excavation

• Documentation and archiving

• Basic artefact conservation

• Scientific photography

• Technical drawing

• Basic osteology

This year Samshvilde Summer School will host trainies in two groups.

The dates  for the first group - July 1st to July 10th, 2024; 


The dates for the second group - July 15th to July 25th, 2024.






  Prerequisites. No academic status or performance prerequisites are necessary for this summer school. Applicants must be fit for light physical work and interested in archaeology & history. Furthermore, applicants must be proficient in English as activities will be held in this language.  A final and very important prerequisite for applicants is that they have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Fieldwork is an extremely enriching experience but it can also be demanding physically and psychologically at times, so a positive mindset can go a long way in making your experience memorable.


Fee for full program (10 days) 600 USD per person.

Trainies who want to join for a few days and not full program, will be charged for 70 USD for per day.

This fee does not cover expedition T-shirt cost. The cost for T-shirt with Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition Logo - extra 20 USD.