Welcome to Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition

     Samshvilde is an outstanding archaeological complex located in the heart of the Caucasus. Its significance is known from historical texts, notably for having been conquered and returned to the Georgians by famous king David the Builder in 1110. Samshvilde’s historical longevity and wealth as a thriving medieval capital can only be surpassed by the richness of archaeological finds that have been made there. The site contains architectural elements, coins, ceramics, and even artifacts yielding from older prehistoric times.   

     Only small-scale fieldwork had been carried out during the Soviet and post-Soviet period, but these efforts did not provide details on the site’s stratigraphy and chronology or the distribution of cultural features and monuments. To rectify this,  the University of Georgia in Tbilisi, launched the first full-scale multidisciplinary archaeological investigation at Samshvilde in 2012 with the help of scientific collaborators and local students.

     Today the team at Samshvilde Archaeological Expedition are dedicated to teaching newcomers about archaeology and Georgian culture, as well as building new collaborations. We wish to offer you a uniquely enriching academic and cultural experience here.